Thursday, July 11, 2013

a monsoon hangover

My husband made this yesterday while I was working on my office and I totally love it.  The Man of Steel theme is so good-- it could make me want to watch just about any movie.  I already love the Star Trek reboots, so I don't need any extra coaxing.  I wasn't really a fan of Man of Steel though.  Especially not a fan of my girl Amy Adams as Lois Lane.  I had high hopes and she just didn't do it for me.  I think Michael Shannon as Zod was great though.  That man just has the face of a villain and while seeing Man of Steel a couple weeks ago, I just kept thinking... "I can't wait for Boardwalk Empire to start up again this fall!"  His story line in the show as Nelson Van Alden was always good but never particularly grabbed me in earlier seasons.  I'm excited to see what happens with him though.  In hindsight, I've enjoyed watching him crossover and evolve as a person.  This last season, I found myself rooting for him and wanting everything to work out.

Okay enough pop culture.

I have a monsoon hangover.  This time in Arizona we have some pretty intense storms-- haboobs, microbursts, etc.  I enjoy a good storm.  I love to watch lightning and fall asleep to the sound of rain drops.  My husband and dog don't.  They both hate storms, especially lightning and thunder.  Our dog Bowie gets so upset.  So if starts storming when we're sleeping, we're usually up for the night at that point.  We take turns comforting the dog.  One or both of us will be in some kind of physical discomfort the next day from laying in a weird position or place for the sake of keeping the dog calm.  We've had Bowie for 5 summers now.  We've come to call the day after effects a monsoon hangover.  I have the most monster headache and feel absolutely drained of even the slightest energy.

There are a lot of things that are just not getting done today.

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