Friday, July 5, 2013

what my body thinks

I can't explain why, but these paintings give me a mild case of the jibblies. And I guess a mild case of nostalgia for a time I couldn't possibly remember. But I feel like I've seen them in a first person shooter hallway in a war-torn or post-apocalyptic video game setting that I never finished playing. They actually hang in a hallway that leads to the surgical unit. I've seen them before but finally took a picture earlier this week when I went in for my procedure.

Surgery was okay. I started bleeding right before and had to deal with about 45 minutes of intense pain before the anesthesiologist came in and first drugged me, then knocked me out. I woke up in a world of (more) pain. It was actually more painful than I imagined it would be-- but only for the first 24 hours or so. I also woke up without a voice because I had a breathing tube during surgery that did a number on my throat.

By the next morning, I felt mostly better. My voice came back. I only needed pain medicine once or twice a day instead of every four hours. I had some painful urination for a few days because I was catheterized during surgery, but other than that, this whole thing was pretty easy.

My family came and stayed for a few days to watch me while my husband worked. It was a nice little break/visit. Now it's just me and the dog, back to our regular quiet routine.

I want to get some work done today, but I guess we'll see what my body thinks. In a day or two I'd like to start exercising. I was happy with my body a couple weeks ago, but that was different. We have to wait two cycles before we try again so I might as well do something while I'm doing nothing.

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