Saturday, July 27, 2013

grown up things

07272013 by Digital Heather
07272013, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

I want to buy everything from World Market from now on. They have the best everything. I wish I had an extra 800 bucks laying around for their beautiful bureaus and dressers. I settled for clearance jewelry and some two-tone heart-shaped ramekins.

I'm going to photograph an abandoned horse track tomorrow. It's just up the interstate from our home. There's something very haunting and depressing about it. It's been abandoned since the 60s. My husband says murderface is going to get me. I'm taking my friend Jeff and meeting up with other local photographers. Just in case.

I've known Jeff since 2005. Hanging out together used to mean setting things on fire-- like Spongebob pinatas. Sounds juvenile, I know. Do people still do things like that in their twenties? We did. We're older now. So we do grown up things, I guess. I'm excited to see him. We used to work together years ago and hang out all the time. We rarely see each other these days. I last saw him when I was hospitalized for my second overdose. That was barely four months ago but it feels like so much more time than that has passed. In a good way.

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