Friday, August 23, 2013

to satisfy childhood dreams

Shade Pull by Digital Heather
Shade Pull, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

It's been a gloomy couple of days. Everything suggests rain but no one ever follows through. Probably just an anti-social sun and lucky for him, I can relate.

I think my resume is buried in a broken computer somewhere so I had to make a new one from scratch. It took forever but had to get done. By the end, I was feeling really accomplished. In more ways than one. I had some dumb jobs in the last 13 years but also did some things that I'm quite proud of.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night so I was watching the long block of ALF episodes that play on the Hub that late. I found myself distracted, wondering what happened to the cast because aside from the dad, I never saw anyone else in anything, I think ever. Long story short, the boy, Brian, looks exactly the same. He's a couple years older than J and I and he actually lives here in Phoenix. I was creeping his google plus and various other places he exists online. They're out of date by like a year. He turned into a handsome man, for sure. Anyway.

When my sleuthing began on IMDB, I happened to see the new news about Batman. I don't have a comment. Yes I do. I think if we're going to pick unlikely Batman characters, Mark Wahlberg is a better choice than Ben Affleck. I almost woke my husband up to tell him the bad news, but resisted.

More late night browsing on my phone led to the discovery that Joshua trees actually grow in Arizona. I feel like an idiot living here my whole life and not knowing that. I've been dying to go to Joshua park since I was a kid. I would watch Ellen as a kid and wish I was an adult with cool roommates and we would watch tv outside at night in Joshua Tree park. We tried to check it out a few years ago on the way back from Disney but you have to drive into the park for a considerable distance before you start seeing scenery that's worth taking pictures of. Which is really all I ever think about. So Joshua Tree Forest is a scenic highway in Arizona, about 3 hours from us-- so much closer than Joshua Tree National Park. I've read online that some of the trees here in AZ are bigger than the ones in the California park. So I guess we'll see. This is such a big deal and I have already begun bugging my husband about it. Of course, I'd still like to experience the national park to satisfy childhood dreams and it also contains rock formations I would like to see.

And to just completely contradict everything I have been saying for 4+ months.... I re-signed up for Facebook. It's a business account, so people just like me and I don't get to see the drama. It's a good compromise, I guess. You can check it out here.

Did you watch my vlog the other day about a certain frienemy? Either they are stalking me or this is just a continuation of hard-to-believe coincidences. I opened up instagram, which I barely use, but decided to start using a lot starting yesterday. I had an alert that frienemy started following me. I thought it was a random stranger at first. My husband gave me his, "I told you so" eyes because he insisted frienemy would see video. I kept insisting, I didn't use names. There was a whole lotta insisting going on. I haven't spoken to that person in years and years and years. My guess is 10 but maybe even more. So. Weird.

My life is never this interesting.

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