Wednesday, September 4, 2013

my sweet treats

September by Digital Heather
September, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

I asked for rain and she came. It's been so stormy. We've had to cancel our Joshua Tree adventures three times now.

So I've been baking a lot instead. Baking faster than I can blog about it. Baking faster than Jason and I can eat everything. We don't know our neighbors. If we did, I'd just unload all my foodbloggingfood on them. I know that somewhere, in our neighborhood, there is a pedophile, because we got something in the mail about it. I don't know him. Or where he lives. And he doesn't get my sweet treats.

Speaking of children... we are officially trying again. We had to wait two cycles post-miscarriage and surgery. I thought it would take a million years for my body to re-acclimate but nope. We good. So we'll see. Getting pregnant would be awesome, duh, but it would make me quit the soda again. I caved from stress last month. It could be a lot worse. I'm only drinking two cans a day and also drinking my ensure smoothies and water-- but I'd like to get back down to zero cans.

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