Tuesday, August 20, 2013

cooking again

easy Italian meat balls by Heather Says
easy Italian meat balls, a photo by Heather Says on Flickr.

All I had to do was complain that I hadn't been baking or cooking lately. Today I was suddenly inspired to get cooking again. Of course literally. Click here for recipe and tips.

We had these for dinner with veggie pasta and watched my favorite Tuesday TV programming-- Dance Moms. Duh.

I love how Cathy blamed their lack of winning on Anthony. Now that Anthony is gone and she and the other emotional mom did the choreography, they still didn't win. I guess this proves that even with gimmicks they only win half of the time and that she has no talent as a dance instructor. She's such a mess. She reminds me of an evil version of Sandy Duncan from the Hogan Family. I complain, but at the same time, if she left the show I would probably complain about how I missed her drama. I guess she and Vivi-Anne are just necessary evils. I take that back. Cathy is the necessary evil. Vivi-Anne is the comic relief.

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