Wednesday, September 26, 2012

getting old in my young age

I can't decide if I like the IOS 6 update for my iPhone. Somethings are annoying but I don't know if I just have to get used to it or if it's terrible or I'm just being an old lady about it. I started playing Jurassic Park a few months ago and I'm still pretty addicted. It's like Cityville, but people don't make as much fun of me for playing JP.

My blood is practically back to normal. My prolactin is off the charts-- which it shouldn't be because I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding. It was so high that it was somehow causing my body to metabolize my coumadin before my body could actually use it to keep my blood where it needs to be. I'm now taking about three times the dose of coumadin as last summer and it's almost back to normal. Meanwhile, I have medicine to help the prolactin drop down to where it should be. I take about 7 pills a day now. I have a seven-day pill box because I can very easily forget to take my medicine or in some cases I have taken it twice in the same day. I'm getting old in my young age.

I'm keeping busy with the crafting/writing gig to keep my mind off of the tumor and upcoming surgery. But also knowing that I have a large tumor where a baby should be, I find myself walking slower and taking it easier. As long as they get it out and I can still use my uterus, I'll be fine.

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