Sunday, September 9, 2012

sounds advanced but feels archaic

I came up with some neat wedding ideas for a Valentine's Day Wedding. You can read about it in my work blog. It was a nice excuse to dig out my wedding dress and wear it for a short make-shift iPhone photo shoot. Coming up on my one year wedding anniversary-- unbelievable! Wearing my dress made me realize where and approximately how much weight I lost. Always a plus for a plus size girl!

It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since I've blogged for leisure. I've been balancing my time between working at the bookstore, my online writing job, and 20 other miscellaneous aspects of my life. It's a stress-free juggling act, so no complaints.

We've been trying to make a baby for over 9 months now. Putting a number on that just makes me realize that we could have had a baby by now! My endometriosis has been progressing and I've had a good amount of rough days lately. I had my Fallopian tubes checked last week in a procedure that sounds advanced but feels archaic. They injected dye into my uterus via a catheter which was terrible enough but the uterus immediately cramps when a bunch of foreign dye is introduced. I got to watch the process on a screen as it happened and let's just say that Fallopian tubes are tiny like angel hair spaghetti-- not at all like the giant sausage casings that anatomy illustrations would have us believe. Long story short-- I lived. And my tubes are fully functional and free from endometrial scarring since my last surgery.

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