Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I need a housekeeper and a secretary

june 3rd fortune by ceck0face
june 3rd fortune, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

In the next month, huh? I can handle that. Whatever it might be. Pleasant is good. I wonder though... are fortune cookies and their subsequent fortunes influenced by where they come from? I mean... is a good fortune from Panda Express only moderately "okay" in comparison to a good fortune from somewhere better... like China Garden? I wonder. Am I short changing my good fortune and future every time I eat inferior crab rangoons to save a buck?

I somehow got into the superstitious habit of not eating a fortune cookie with a fortune I didn't care for. If it was something I really wanted to happen, I sealed the deal by eating the cookie. Sure, I bet a lot of people buy stock into whatever you would call this, but I actually don't care for eating fortune cookies. I usually force myself to eat it in the name of good fortune. Or, if I'm home, I make my dog do it. Whether she intercepts that good fortune is still a gray area.

But I've still got a month, so okay. In the meantime, this baking/cooking challenge is going okay.

It's day 5. I have done 5 recipes to completion but have only posted three.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

I started out a day behind and one of my dishes turned out pretty badly (I'm not trying a second time), so now I'm two behind. I'm not worried. I got this. I made two entirely different bread puddings this week. Did I mention I ate one almost by myself? Ugh. Okay well the dog helped me finish it but Jason didn't because my husband doesn't like bread pudding. Or so he thought. He didn't care for one but I made a different one and he ate half of it today. Recipe challenge or not, I consider that a gold medal. He's such a picky eater. I eat most foods and love to cook. This is God's sense of humor. I'm glad He gets a kick out of it.

By the time I have finished a dish, I've got a sink full of dishes and still have to actually blog my food, recipe, process, etc. It's tiring. All I want to do at that moment is eat whatever I made and slip into a coma from the delicious cooking fumes, wake up, eat more, rinse repeat. I need a housekeeper and a secretary. Inquire within.

And yeah, I've got to stop angry blogging about dirty dishes. Heather Housewife over here. That's my Old-Maid-playing-card persona. I'd look all frazzled with a mountain of dirty dishes in the background with the appropriate "stink-lines and -waves" for effect. I've got it easy. There are far worse occupations that also begin with the letter H. I'll leave you with that.

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