Wednesday, June 6, 2012

normal or boring

ackbar in my pocket by ceck0face
ackbar in my pocket, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

What do people do at two in the morning? Well technically, I wonder what they do from about 1am-4am. I personally don't think I could get any more normal or boring, but then again, I haven't tried. I sleep. If I can't sleep, I'm watching tv, reading reddit, online. Nothing special. Right now. Writing this. In the background, I have photos uploading so I can finish a recipe article (day 6, four down, gotta catch up). In another window, I have Gwen Mars playing and I'm certain I'm the only person who likes them and owns their cds. It reminds me of being a teenager (16 in 1999), and doing exactly the same thing, I guess. Trying to type quietly so my parents wouldn't yell at me for being on the computer so late although these days it's more like trying to type quietly because my husband and dog are light sleepers. I'm a loud type-r. Typist. I type loudly.

I had no intention of saying any of this but I got an update that someone favorited a photo on my flickr. Not this one. Of me. Of all of me. It's nothing special but I wonder why someone would like it and favorite it at this hour. I'm so naive. (I had "naive" spelled incorrectly and didn't know until google chrome told me. I lost a regional spelling bee because I couldn't spell it when I was 13. And I still can't.) When I looked at their profile I couldn't see them but saw all of their other favorites. I think you get it. Am I flattered or disgusted? I dunno. I guess it's perfectly normal and I guess the wallflower in me wants to tuck it away as a compliment. In a book of compliments which I don't have but if I did it would be fairly empty. Oh sure. I get complimented. On how patient I am. Yep. Not really worth bragging or blogging about but here we are.

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