Friday, September 30, 2011

29 days to go

My maid of honor and I have hit up every antique store in the valley of the Sun. With 29 days to go and 22 more keys needed, we're heading to the white mountains in the next week.

The only thing left to do is pay the bills and get married. I'm not tired yet, so I'm wasting time online and refreshing my online banking browser window twice a minute. I should receive my severance package from my previous employer via direct deposit within the the next 3 hours.

The blogging job is going okay. I guess. It feels weird to do exactly this and get paid when people stop reading my words and start clicking ads. It's a lot like this blog with Google and Amazon ads. It's not bad. I've turned a lot of our wedding projects into DIY tutorials so it doesn't really feel too worky.


Nothing yet. I can't wait to have money in the bank and make the last 6 phonecalls to finish paying everything off.

My INR has been terribly low but we can't figure out why. I have a good balance of running around like a nut one day and playing video games the following day. Rinse. Repeat. So I just double up my pills two days a week now. My coumadin doctor expects my blood to be back to its regular thinness after the wedding.

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