Monday, September 12, 2011

just natural

desert rain by ceck0face
desert rain, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

It rained last night. It was unusual because A) it's the desert and 2) monsoon season is over. Everyone panics and forgets how to drive when it's raining because it truly is a phenomena here.

I can't sleep. Little did I know that Jason and I were having insomnia in shifts. I forget how it came up but we discovered that it's been over a week since we slept an entire night together. He's fast asleep and here I am.

I had insomnia as a kid, but back then it was called, "Heather won't stay in bed and go to sleep when she is supposed to." That lasted until my teens, probably when I started taking medication for migraines. After that a restless night was rare, usually reserved for the night before something big or important, which is just natural.

My insomnia started back up in May, I think. Most of April and parts of May, I would sleep entire days away without even knowing it... the pain, the medicine, etc. Then I started taking melatonin. It helped, but not so much anymore.

I spent today swimming (almost 4 hours, actually) and watched a bit of the 9/11 shows on tv.

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