Thursday, October 24, 2013

working super hard

So this happened! I can't even begin to describe the state of the dishes that normally live in this cabinet. They've obviously been evicted and are so haphazardly strewn all over my house in different rooms. Jason came home and said, "But didn't we buy this cabinet because we needed storage space?" "YEAH YEAH I KNOW I ALREADY HAD THIS ARGUMENT WITH MYSELF-- I'M NOT HAVING IT AGAIN!!" Hehe. You can take a better look over here.

One of my Pandora stations is so dang perfect. Fiona Apple. Toria Amos. Sarah McLachlan. The Cranberries. Mazzy Star. 90s Heather is satisfied.

I watched the Katy Perry movie on Netflix. I already liked her a fair amount but I really fell in love with her after watching it. I love to see people do well when they've worked hard. People who deserve it. It warms my heart. Don't be fooled-- I get plenty jealous here and there. There's a part of the movie... should I say spoiler alert? I always ruin things. Okay so SPOILER ALERT!!! There's a part where she has to start getting ready for a concert and she's uncontrollably sobbing because her marriage is over. She takes a moment then begins getting ready. On stage, she's crying during a song, and the entire stadium starts crying and chanting that they love her in Spanish. It was very touching. I had to get up and go kiss my sleeping husband because I was just so overcome with emotion.

I've been in a hospital bed, uncontrollably sobbing because I thought I was insane and my marriage was over. It's a tough place to be. It's a tough memory to have. It's still very real if I close my eyes. I wonder when it will go away or how it will age with time but I guess it's good to have around for comparison. I'm blessed. I'm thankful.

In less sappy news, my stuff has been featured around the interwebs lately! In a good way! This is such a big deal to me. It such a personal achievement and reward because I don't know the people who picked my content or wrote about it. I don't even know them from the internet or blogging circuit. I had to double and triple check. Check out my creations featured on The Stir dot com, Today's Mama dot com, Mommy Musings dot com, and Crafts 'n Coffee!

I've been working super hard (baking and blogging and all that other jazz) for two years now but I got super serious about it this last June. Then I got even serious-er this month and maybe I overdid what my body is capable of. I've reached many personal goals lately. It feels so good to make something happen. So it's time for more goals and more hard work :)

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