Sunday, October 13, 2013

a steady hand

Bela Lugosi by Digital Heather
Bela Lugosi, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

I'm gearing up to decorate for Halloween this weekend. It required some brainstorming because this is a smaller house with less counter and table space for necessary decor. Compared to our last house, I'm short an entire (and boy was it large) kitchen island and a dining room. I got creative and will share when I'm done so stay tuned.

I did a mini-house tour today to show off spooky stuff in our house that stays up all year long. This picture is from that project. Click here to check it out on

The rednecks in the neighborhood are always shooting off fireworks and it drives me up the wall. The dog goes into a full-force frenzy and pees everywhere. I think she is a reincarnated WWII soldier with PTSD. I understand that many dogs are afraid of fireworks-- I'm just saying that in my dog's specific case it's the reincarnation and PTSD that makes the most sense.

I still can't wrap my brain around how they (the Redneckians) can afford to spend so much money on them (the fireworks) regularly. Like how can you afford a mortgage, bills, booze, cigarettes and fireworks on a regular basis? My friend suggested that's what happens when both partners have jobs and my stinkeye still won't subside. (Because I don't work.. get it?) They also just sit out in their garage all night watching a mounted flat screen. You got me! I'm jealous! They're better than me though because they have better stuff to do (like shooting off fireworks) than blog about me to the world wide interwebs.

My husband and I also have an on-going argument that Max from Catfish is gay. I say he is and J disagrees. Either way that man has enviously steady hands and probably carpal tunnel from constantly filming with tiny cameras. I say enviously because I wish I could just take a still shot the first time without it being blurry but my hands are dancing their way into old age.

Unrelated but related: I miss Dance Moms and Snooki lookin' so goooood! Totally serious. I spend half of the week wishing I was skinny and the other half wishing I was pregnant so I can go back to gaining mad weight.

The end!

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