Friday, October 4, 2013

Don't cry over spilled Vanilla extract

Stop me oh ho oh, stop me-- stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.

So much baking. And then writing about baking. And listening to The Smiths and Information Society to keep me sitting and focused. Long hours. The house smells like pumpkin and chocolate. Totally awesome, but I can't even describe the level of chaos and disorder in my kitchen right now. I made cookies, and cupcakes, and then more cookies.

I'm super behind in my shows too. We finally just watched Boardwalk Empire tonight. Which reminds me, my entire life has been spent confusing Daryl Hannah with Patricia Arquette and vice versa-- with no offense to either actress. I'm just an idiot.

Have I mentioned my disappointment with decorations and goodies in the stores for Halloween 2013? No one has anything that I'm super in love with. Target usually delivers but their selection is meh compared to previous years. World Market has some really cute items that are reproductions of vintage Halloween designs. And they have cute Day of the Dead stuff. Other than that, I'm so let down.

I've been compensating by buying Halloween cookie cutters and sprinkles. I'm up to 20-something cutters and 15 bottles of sprinkles. This sounds like madness, but just wait. It will all make sense, gentle viewer. Stay tuned.

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