Sunday, May 22, 2011

a fleeting phase

Since I got sick, our dog, Bowie (after David), sleeps in our walk-in closet. She used to sleep in our shower when she was a puppy, then stopped. She usually sleeps on a couch in the living room that I'm pretty sure she thinks is hers. We joked that she sleeps in the closet to be closer to us cause she knows I'm sick. It's cute. Or it was until she chewed buttons off of one of my sweaters. More Bowie pics here.

Dislikes are more important than likes and generic likes are the worst.

Bowie dislikes Jell-o. She lets it fall out of her mouth and acts very confused about it. Bowie likes to rip the eyes off of her stuffed animals (so they can't find their way home). Her generic likes are generic and predictable if you've ever had a dog or seen one in a commercial.

I dislike the idea, thought, or sound of bones cracking/popping. I become unglued when people around me do it. It gives me the jibblies and I just have to shake it out and I make a noise like I just drank straight vodka. I dunno what it is.

I had to see a chiropractor today. The bones and muscles in my back are terrible from all the bedrest. My mystery disease is holding hands with nerves in my back and my upper legs. They play redrover and send lightning right over. If this is the luxurious chapter of my life where I was supposed to age gracefully, sign me down. The chiropractor did this Noob Saibot kombo on me where he broke my bones and I threw up (a little). I'm being a baby; I'll live.

Recently I really like to watch shows that old Heather hated. I'm not sure if it's cabin fever or the narcotics but I actually dvr Dog now. Yes, the bounty hunter. There are others, but counting Housewives of New Jersey and Dog makes two, and I think that's fair enough for now. You know too much.

Generic likes run rampant. I'm not sure if people are vague because they're lazy or vague because they're vague. Of course people like movies, and music, and sex. I've never known anyone irl or otherwise to say they hated music or pizza or sex. Correct me if I'm wrong but not just because you want to argue.

And why doesn't blogger ask me what my favorite television shows are? True, I've already told you some! Why am I so hung up on talking about tv. I must come across as so ordinary and typical. I am. It's just that I think the tv shows you watch say much more about you than a movie you like. A movie is a one time thing and can be dismissed as a phase or cement a new relationship and dismissed later when loves turns to hate. When someone close to me says they like a movie that I might think is stupid, we argue for a bit, I make fun, and then it's over. But when I find out that they like a tv show that I hate, I'm much more disappointed or let down. A tv show is an investment. A commitment. I dunno that you can easily dismiss a tv show as a fleeting phase-- unless you watched it as a child, tried to watch it again recently and couldn't even make it through half of the episode. True story. Four years ago. Popples. Couldn't make it through the carwash episode and I loved that episode as a kid!

Haha. There is so much more to life than this. It's funny because the world was supposed to end and I'm blogging about bad tv but what else am I going to talk about.

I spent the rest of my day looking up registered sex offenders in my neighborhood and reading all about the new Jesus.

All jokes aside, Star Wars is not a phase and Jango and Boba are better than Dog.

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