Thursday, March 15, 2012

so many reasons

I purchased these dishes from about 30 days ago. I used to love, only hating how poor it made me feel because they have so many neat things that I just don't have the money for.

I've been impatiently waiting for these dishes for lots of reasons. They're beautiful. I fell in love with them the second I saw them. This picture does them no justice. They remind me of peacock feathers and my wedding and both at the same time. When I saw them online I instantly knew that if I didn't buy them and never found them again, it would make feel sad for the rest of forever. I probably sound dramatic; I'm a dramatic girl.

I woke up this morning and thought
A) when are my dishes gonna come?!
B) why does shipping take forever?!
and C) how can people afford those $7,000 pieces of furniture on in this economy?!

I said oh well and got to work doing the "paid-to-blog" gig. Not here. Somewhere else.

Later in the day, the UPS man came while I was going to the bathroom. I went to get them as soon as I was done, knowing that it was them. And it was. But you already know that.

I carried the box inside and opened it. Inside was the box of dishes with pictures like you would see on a store shelf. I opened that and began unpacking it. Jason came home and I even said, "Imagine if these were broken!" I said this because we have had a string of bad luck that either began or was highlighted by a very terrible washer and dryer purchase. I opened the dinner plates (the set also contained salad plates and bowls) and they were VERY broken. I knew it. They weren't even kind of broken. There were shards everywhere and ground up dust that used to be my dishes. I stopped unpacking them because I was so mad and didn't feel like vacuuming up glass/dust later on.

I called customer service and waited 90 minutes before hanging up because that made me even madder. I normally wouldn't have that kind of patience, but I put the phone on the counter and on speaker while Jason and I washed dishes and cooked dinner.

I don't doubt that the situation will be remedied. It's just a pain in the butt. I want these dishes. I don't want a refund. I don't want different dishes. These dishes were to be our first set of "nice" dishes and we loved them for so many reasons. Oh well.

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