Thursday, November 24, 2011

on the other side

Jason bought me these beautiful half & half sunflowers for Thanksgiving.

It was our first T-Giving as a married couple and we spent it as just us two. We made stuffing and pumpkin pie from scratch. We cooked enough stuffing for more than 30 people, baking it in a roaster that usually holds a 30-lb turkey and we ate a very small turkey breast marinated in cherries and brown sugar. We bought a ton of sliced roasted turkey for sammiches, though.

The weather was so nice that we ate on our back porch by candlelight. It was quiet and romantic and just the way I wanted it.

We'll finish off the evening with a trip to the movies to see the new muppet film. I was hoping to be on the other side of the Black Friday chaos for once, but no one has any deals that I can't refuse. So, we'll see.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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