Saturday, November 12, 2011

compared to June

Never a dull moment, or so it would appear, but believe me, it feels quite ordinary.

With J out of town, Sarah and I drove up to the Grand Canyon and came back Sunday night (yes, this is old news). Monday we (S and I) drove out to Buckeye to spend time with Lizz and Patrick. We all made dinner together and played a board game that everyone says I hated, but this is unsubstantiated.

Tuesday afternoon, I woke up and positive that I was dying, I drove myself to the hospital in true Heather-fashion. Jason landed in PHX and came right to the hospital. I stayed for four days and am now home sweet home.

I have acquired new blood clots in my lungs, but they are very tiny compared to June. My left ovary is again a hotspot for homeless cysts. My blood was far too thick, somehow, and I'm happy to be alive.

This may set back the baby-making and if so, I'm understandably selfish and bummed out.

Oh. And we still need to go on our honeymoon!

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