Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arizona marries New York

san carlos chandelier by ceck0face
san carlos chandelier, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

This is a chandelier at our wedding reception venue.

Everything is actually coming together nicely. It took me weeks to find shoes that I liked for myself and then another style for my bridesmaids so that they compliment the dresses as well as each other. My wedding theme and details straddle a fine line between being random and "too much." If that makes sense.

My dress was easy-- a little too easy. I knew the moment I saw it.

Getting a priest and a rabbi is another story. There's a reason jokes start with both and my wedding will be the punchline. Priests don't like marrying you outside of the church. Priests also don't like co-officiating. I've read online that rabbis will co-officiate at an interfaith wedding as long as the children are raised Jewish. One thing at a time. They make this dual-religion thing look so easy in the movies. Aside from some comments from our families sometimes, it has actually been very easy. 8 years of fairly easy. We'll figure it out.

This is what happens when Arizona marries New York.

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