Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summertime Goals

ants & teamwork by ceck0face
ants & teamwork, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

My right eyelid has begun twitching again. it started back in late 2010 when I was stressed at work. Getting it now makes no sense. I have no stress. I'm getting plenty of sleep. I'm eating healthy. I'm taking my medicines daily. I have to force myself to not stress over why it's happening, haha!

Easter and Passover went well. I can't believe it's almost summer. In blogs from previous years, I'd always have a working list of goals for any given season. For example, making a beautiful gingerbread house was on my list of winter goals and it never happened.

So, here we go. Summertime Goals, 2012 edition.

X buy some cute retro jogging shorts (extra points for contrasting-colored trim)

X trip to sequoia national park

X get or be pregnant by then

X trip to monument valley

X lots of swimming in new pool

X at least one get-together with friends we rarely see

X make homemade popsicles

X make homemade icecream

X cut all of my hair off, if I haven't already

X get some great lightning photos for the first time in 7+ years

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