Friday, October 21, 2011

Next new job? Wife!

Haunted Paninis by ceck0face
Haunted Paninis, a photo by Digital Heather on Flickr.

This place was closed, so I didn't even get to enjoy their yummy foods. Couldn't resist snapping a pic though because that ghost is the cutest.

New York, Chicago, and Florida families coming in 6 days. Rehearsal and giant family dinner in 7 days. We say "we do" in 8 days. I need more time!

Odds and ends have kept me busy. Bought a very weird bra today. The woman who sold it to me struck up wedding talk with me and come to find out she wanted to get married at the same venue as us but said it was too pricey for her. Said the Dillard's woman to the unemployed girl. Not gonna lie. Felt awesome. I replied, "Oh that's too bad." Walked out of that store feeling straight up BALLA!

Sarah and I did some last minute antiquing and her creepy doll from the previous entry is still there. I wonder what he does at night and if their security cameras pick up ghosts. Jay and I saw the re-release of Ghostbusters in theaters last week. It was a very cute and festive and nostalgic last date. By which I mean our last date as an unmarried couple.

Unemployment is giving me the runaround and landing a job has been a task. I'm not 100% ready to work but could use the money. Next new job? Wife!

I wish I could slow down time and enjoy the final stages of planning. It's gonna fly by! Love you all. Whoever you are.

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