Friday, June 3, 2011

angering the internet gods

Frown is a four letter word? No it's not. Oh maybe they mean... No. It doesn't make sense no matter how you hear it. My Popsicles tell jokes, my milk finds kids, and my cereal used to give me prizes, but I'm not sure what angle/shtick my Jell-o has. My life will change in a few days, and I may have more time to fuel silly efforts like writing Kraft and asking what gives. Or, I may have to return back to my real world with my real job where calendars and clocks are reinstated.

When did conquering the internet and its many social media become so easy? I don't have to sign in for anything anymore. One or two sign-ins and their respective passwords work for everything and get me where I need to go. This internet monopolization makes life easier but probably more forgetful in the end. Like how having a cellphone negates the need to know my own number and I couldn't tell it to you no matter how many guns you held to my head or adjacent Jell-o pudding cups.

BUT THEN I had to rewrite this entire post because my flickr and blogger credentials did not recognize each other in the day time with their clothes on. It's a frustrating irony rather than a funny one and I apologize for angering the internet gods.

I will copy for safety and quit while I'm ahead...

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