Thursday, November 1, 2012

my relationships with people

It has been a hectic second half of October.

My husband gave me his cold which turned out to be terrible gift. I got so sick but also my blood thinners were working a little too well and I ended up coughing up and sneezing blood like a walking plague.

I spent our wedding anniversary alone all day and sick while my husband worked. I was glued to the TV watching the latest news as Frankenstorm hit because many people we love were located in its path. Spoiler alert, everyone is fine.

I'm on a ridiculous waiting list for my surgery because I have been referred to a nerve specialist so I can have three surgeries in one. I just want a baby. I have no problem reinforcing the stereotype that barren Apache Junction women will steal babies just like in Raising Arizona. I'll do it.

Halloween was kind of a bust. Jason worked and I was still sick so I turned the porch light off like a mean old lady.

Speaking of... I'm becoming kind of anti-social. Not necessarily on purpose. This online writing gig is beginning to kind of rule me. On the plus side, I've become an even better speller without trying (I have always been an excellent speller). But I spend all of my time writing or preparing for articles and working on projects. I've accepted that I was a closet crafter and can finally live in the daylight without shame. But getting back to my relationships with people... all of this doesn't leave a lot of time for people. Kind of depressing. But especially being sick. Between being sick, writing, and sleeping, my entire week is spoken for.

Oh well. November holds promise.

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