Friday, October 19, 2012

turning into the She-Hulk

I love this picture so much. My husband found a few boxes of old toys at his mom's during our New York trip. He dumped them out in the middle of the floor and we played with them a bit.

My MRI went okay, I guess. I hate laying there for 30+ mins without moving. I get bored and start to get paranoid that I'm moving without knowing it. I played many rounds of the alphabet game with myself (Apples, bananas, cheese, dark chocolate, etc). I've had more than 6 MRIs in the last year. I'm probably turning into the She-Hulk. I'll know more about the MRI and everything else next week.

My husband has a cold. I spent the day taking care of him and trying to catch up on my writing. And P.S. I finally tried watching Dr. Who and absolutely can't stand it. Hate me; I don't care.

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