Monday, January 2, 2012

Holy cows and new beginnings.

I bought this shirt during the summer and finally hung it in the closet of what we're designating as an eventual nursery.

It's a new year. We have a new life. Holy cows and new beginnings.

We moved into a new house about a week before Christmas/Hanukkah. We actually live right around the corner from my mom/childhood home. It has been hectic and I am reacquainting myself with my old pals, the internet and this blog.

Our house is mostly set up except that we threw a bunch of stuff in the baby room to be dealt with at a later date. Not pregnant yet. We finally just got the green light to begin and so, well, we have. I'm excited to impose mine and Jason's likes on first a nursery and then a living breathing person... ie, Star Wars nursery, duh.

More next time.

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